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20/01/2015 - 11:17 AMadmin 1839 luotxem
Van Long Plastic Co., Ltd. was built by aspiration: "We will give our customers the products and services of consistent quality, timely delivery deadlines and meet the different needs of customers ".
With the quality policy in support of all members of the company from top executives to the workers, we create quality and consistent application of quality assurance measures with advanced management tools today.
Based on in-depth research on areas such as: batteries, food packaging, packaging for lubricants, chemicals, plastics processing, and other industries. We define the mission of the market we are: production of battery shells, bottles PE - PP and processing of plastic products.
- 10/2007 we achieved two gold medals at the Expo International Industrial products covers battery to start the car and motorcycle.
- May 4/2008 our products are Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations selected as one of 10 leading brands of plastic industry in Vietnam.
- May 4/2008 we build successful quality management systems conform to ISO 9001/2000 and accredited by UKAS organization, certification number: QS6344.
- We are now direct importers of plastic resin materials from plastics manufacturers in the world such as Samsung, Dealim, Toray, Basell ..... etc, and specify SIK- V (in Vietnam ) is a major supplier of master bath, color compounding and Clariant (Singapore) provides key Pichment.

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