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03/02/2015 - 9:19 AMadmin 2414 luotxem
Development planning plastics 2020
Ministry of Industry and Trade has approved the development plan Vietnam plastic industry by 2020, with a vision to 2025. Accordingly, in 2015, strives value of industrial production reached 78,500 billion plastic industry, 2020 181 577 billion Council and by 2025 was 390,000 billion.
The overall objective of planning is the development of Vietnam's plastics industry into advanced, producing high quality products, diversification of types, designs, highly competitive, friendly environment, to meet the needs of most of the local market, capable of exporting the products with high added value with increasing output.
  Specifically, striving proportion than the entire plastics industry 5% in 2015, 2020 increased 5.5% and 6% in 2025.Den 2015, production of plastic products 7.5 million tons; 2020 to 12.5 million tons.
Objective exports to the US $ 2.15 billion in 2015, 2020 was $ 4.3 billion with a growth rate of about 15%.
  Plastics are planning to restructure the group plastics towards reducing the proportion of the group of plastic packaging products and plastic household, increasing proportion of plastic building materials and engineering plastics. One of the orientation of Vietnam plastic industry is to encourage investment in the production of molds, parts, equipment for industry, encourage the development of strong industrial waste processing, waste plastic industry.
  According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the investment project for the production of molds, plastics equipment should be incentives for investment as key engineering (loan investment credit is 85% of total investment) . At the same time, to encourage the use and production of recycled plastic, the provisions of the products used must be regenerated, update the achievements of the world about the new material capable of biodegradable , bio-plastics, in order to minimize environmental pollution, such as the type of packaging based on starch films from polyninylalcol OSs.
  According to the calculations of the total investment demand the implementation of development plans Vietnam plastic industry in 2020 about 175 530 billion.

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